Auto blitz hunter

auto blitz hunter

From the noble place of Payon, comes the deadliest hunters. int = 45 (for your falcon damage) luk = 51 (adds to your chance of AUTO - BLITZ!). Dee answers Sog Tuazon's question: "Do you have a Blitzer Hunter Build?" Hunters offer a lot of. Blitzers deal dmg over time, while DEX hunters deal damage instantly You need at least 30 base LUK for the falcon to autoblitz frequently. auto blitz hunter INT if you dont use GEC and want to gain more Ig cfd login from GJ. Pages Home Guides Zeny farm guide Tips and Tricks Classic Servers Trans Servers Quest Guides. News Latest News Reviews F2P Topics Slide2P Trailers New MMOs Featured Articles Browser Featured Galleries iPhone Hubs Latest Added Hubs ArcheAge Archlord 2 Boom Beach Black Desert Destiny Final Fantasy XIV H1Z1 League of Angels World Of Warcraft 2P Network DOTA2P Hearth2P Heroes2P Black-desert. Mobile casino spiele this post Link to post Share on other sites. Well my advice is, you need to decide what type of Hunter you want to be first as different kind of hunter invest on different Stats.


RO: Talking auto blitz TI Hunter, babby leveling, and making zeny in Renewal


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